The Dream Tournament (on hold)

The Dream Tournament (on hold)

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demonchild01 By demonchild01 Updated Jul 19, 2011

For the first time in centuries the Dreamer decides to pick out the contestants from a hat. The very one tournament everyone knows about, yet don't know of. The one tournament for teens between the ages fifteen to seventeen. This time, twenty girls and guys are in for a special treat as the Dream tournament is bigger, better, and harsher then ever before. With the help of some of his siblings, he puts the contestants through a breath taking ride. But in the end, there is only one winner, one prize and one person takes it all. Who is that person, it could be anyone, from any country, it can even be you... 

That is how it should have been. 

Another being comes to light, another being wants it too. The position and power as Dream King is as high as it goes. And this being is out to get it, even if it means stripping the Dreamer of everything. A fight is done with two parties, did the Dreamer get more than he bargained for?

demonchild01 demonchild01 Jul 08, 2011
@MadWord @hollymax101 Glad you find it interesting, 
                              @hollymax101 different take? you'll have to read on and see. 
                              Thanks for all your comments! really appreciate them 
hollymax101 hollymax101 Jul 07, 2011
It reminds me of the Hunger Games, though it seems like it's on a different take. The ending sentence went a little too fast, and it seemed like a run-on sentence. 
darkarchangelgirl darkarchangelgirl Jul 07, 2011
I agree with @MyDesireIsDivine it reminds me of the hunger games! :)
                              i love the series & I LUV your intro. It sounds intriguing! ;) 
demonchild01 demonchild01 Nov 13, 2010
sure yeah i have read the hunger games, i have all three books!
                              will read your story later thanks for comment
partofthepandemonium partofthepandemonium Nov 13, 2010
Hey, i quite like this! Have you ever read the hunger games? Its a bit like that and thg is one of my faves,
                              Hey i was wondering if you would mind reading my story
                              thanks and keep writing pleasee =)
demonchild01 demonchild01 Nov 05, 2010
@frakkevin thanks for feedback, read one of your stories, it's quite good