John The Ripper

John The Ripper

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A lengthy story I've been working on with a mixture of horror, classic tales, & slash.

ORIGINAL TALE: Jack The Ripper.
A true story about a gruesome serial killer in the year of 1888 murdering 5 prostitutes, fucking with police, but was never caught. 

THIS tale: John Lennon is a skilled serial killer with a gruesome record. He scopes prostitutes and mercilessly kills them for his sick enjoyment. But what happens when he spots a handsome, young detective that drops his jaw?

(McLennon, duh)

Warnings: Language, Violence, gruesome content, mentions of sex, and light slash

A/N: I took some content out of the true story of Jack The Ripper, such as small portions of real letters he actually wrote and dates.


jojislife jojislife Jun 10
Anyone that has the last name Chapman I hate automatically...
dcpatt dcpatt Jan 31, 2016
So great! I always love your stories and your writing styles! They always sound so real!!!! I seriously can't wait for more.
KinkyKate83 KinkyKate83 May 29, 2016
I love it, a Beatles AU horror story! Fantastic can't wait to read more!
Californiagirl22 Californiagirl22 Jan 31, 2016
Ooooooh. This is interesting! And it's McLennon..... Can't wait for another chapter. This is a good one. 😊👻