She Call's It Being Possessive I Call It Love

She Call's It Being Possessive I Call It Love

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dangerous_wonders By dangerous_wonders Updated Aug 24, 2016

He pinned me down on the wall and let out an animal like growl

 " if I ever see or hear you speaking to any male, I will punch his teeth out one by one and show you who you belong to"

 he spat dangerously when he smashed his bitter sweet lips to mine.

 " when I kiss you, you kiss back"

 He demands as he tightened the grip on my wrist and put his lips back on mine. I kissed back afraid of what he might do if I don't 

" that's my good girl"

 he said darkly as he put me down and walked out.

inch_worm2646 inch_worm2646 Aug 07, 2016
Umm children are a gift bitch. The thousands of possibly good mother's that cant have kids applaud you.
pariscutey1 pariscutey1 Aug 14, 2016
Oh my she is so pretty tho stop cutting the skin god gave you
N3rdyGal N3rdyGal Jan 08
Coming from a self harmer, her attitude about self harm is very unrealistic. I love your story though, and message me if you'd like help for that aspect.
duckydew duckydew Jul 19, 2016
A few thousand is far more believable.  Definitely not more than 100k...  ^.^
80Queenie08 80Queenie08 Aug 26, 2016
WTF I wish I would find that much in my moms purse!!
                              Also, a question for all, what's the most amount of money you've found in your moms purse?
                              For me, 1,585 dollars hbu?
Hazel_BW Hazel_BW Dec 27, 2016
umm do you have any idea how realistic this is? do u not understand how many notes that would be how big is her wallet??