Saving Him {a Mithross fan fiction}

Saving Him {a Mithross fan fiction}

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Abby By abby-lizzz Completed

Two co-workers start falling for each other. One of them is suicidal. The other is happy and care free. Could they be any more different?

Curse words will be used in this story.


Tomiko_Taltatheil Tomiko_Taltatheil Aug 21, 2016
Also Zane should really stop doing that he's rubbing off on others 
                              At least Zane can regulate himself :/
tris_ks tris_ks Mar 13, 2016
I love this. I thought it would have been the other way around, with Ross being the suicidal one. Nice twist 😊😊
MapleFaceTheGeek MapleFaceTheGeek Aug 15, 2016
                              Me:": *realizes how serious this chapter is* oh... I'm sowwy ;-;
pruderfeather pruderfeather Mar 31, 2016
Gawd dammn I read the first six or seven lines and almost cried.
beauti__PHIL beauti__PHIL Aug 24, 2016
No, I'm not crying, there's just a chance of rain all over my face😖 good story so far, tho. Keep writing!
kittysans kittysans Jun 18, 2016
XD whenever I see silhouette I just think like they come in and do a hair flip and stand a little turned IDK WHY XD