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In Another World (Sebaciel Reincarnation AU)

In Another World (Sebaciel Reincarnation AU)

17.3K Reads 1.1K Votes 21 Part Story
Heart of Summer By -WritingWeirdo- Completed

Sebastian finds Ciel's original, human soul, but instead of eating it, he sets it free in hopes of it finding a new host. More than 100 years later, Ciel's soul does take a new host, one also named Ciel Phantomhive, and he and the mysterious Sebastian Michealis attend Kuroshitusji High School together. Sebastian is overjoyed to see his master again, but Ciel remembers nothing. Will Sebastian jog Ciel's memory? Or will they fall in love all over again, in this new world?

Cover art by @nighttimeteaparty on Tumblr! Check out more of their art here:

It's a wonder no one bullies Sebastian for wearing a butler suit
Naming my imaginary child Ciel when I give imaginary birth to an imaginary boy or imaginary girl.
Or in other words " Hello Young Master" ......I'm sorry I just had to XD
Demons have no religion, beliefs, or philosophies... or at least the manga said something like that
- - Aug 13, 2016
The difference between Ciel and a jar is that Sebastian can unscrew a jar.
Maybe that one something in his eyes that said "Name me Ceil!" was the color. Blue is pretty much Ceil's most common color and the word "Ceilo" is another language to say blue. I think that's how the character got his name but shortened from the word Ceilo.