The Badboy's Game   (book 1)

The Badboy's Game (book 1)

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I looked intensively as he began to put a cigarette between his upper and bottom teeth looking at me, making me feel a way I've never felt before, alive.

       He looked at me in lust, adoration, and confusion all those emotions swirling through his eyes.
         He began to talk huskily " isn't funny that the drug between my lips has no affect on me yet you not even knowing it are my new addiction"

       I bit my lip nervously and replied shakily " you are as sinful to me as losing my innocence and for some twisted way I'm ok with that"   

And with that our lips collided sending waves of sparks and pleasure, leaving us in our own sinful bliss


     Meet Emily Edwards the girl no one noticed, the one always behind of the class, the one that didn't care what she was wearing if it was comfortable, and only having one best friend being ironically Ryan's little sister 

     Now meet Ryan black the guy that thought he had the world in the palm of his hand, a guy that could get any girl you could think of get nervous over him, the guy that just cared about drugs, alcohol, and his closest friends at a minimal even.

     What happens when their lives come bumping in with each other, literally.

          Will Emily fall for the player and beat the game or will the game beat her.

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