Impaired Judgement  [Camila/You/Lauren]

Impaired Judgement [Camila/You/Lauren]

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"Camila's a damn mortal, she can't do the things I can. She'll break if you touch her the wrong way and she'll cry if you say something wrong but I won't. You and I, we're different from each other in many ways but opposites attract and you know it."

"Lauren's a vampire, I can't compete. She's stronger and smarter but she's also cold-blooded. I'm more of a better match for you. You're a warm-blooded werewolf and I'm a warm-blooded human. We're alike in many ways and we can live the life we have together."

ayo_kay01 ayo_kay01 Jul 10, 2016
Plot twist: Camila can transform into a monkey...I mean that would totally explain why she likes bananas so much.