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Whispers in the Dark「Pokemon Fanfiction」

Whispers in the Dark「Pokemon Fanfiction」

31.8K Reads 2.9K Votes 44 Part Story
「✪◡◉」 By izayoix Completed

「I was stupid, so stupid.」
        「Just control me, and make the whispers stop.」
         • • •
        Celeana Asthansia is the first victim that has been released from the Meowstic's den. For five long years, she's been hurt, traumatised and controlled, losing any sense of independence she had.
        Now, five years later, she's been through severe therapy, and she's ready to go on her first Pokemon journey. The freedom the Meowstic gave her was both a blessing and a curse--- she's met so many wonderful friends that she never wants to leave. 
        But when they aren't around, everything quickly spirals into pure black silence, so dark it's defeaning, and the whispers grow and spiral out of control.
        • • •
        「I'm proud of this mask. I have a whole assortment of them for you to enjoy, a whole selection of smiles, but I'm afraid they're breaking.」
        Ryou Imizu is a mysterious teenager who's running from the past.
        • • •
        「What would you know about hope? I've seen the end coming too many times to count. Tell me, if everything results in our eventual end, what good is there to hope?」
        Quinn Mave is an eccentric girl who doesn't know which timeline to trust any more.
        • • • 
        "Everything will be quiet once more," the Meowstic whispers, "If you just give in once again."
        • • •
        「I've taken away all your friends. You've nothing left now.」
        「That's right. Come with me, and I'll give me plenty of friends that'll stay with you forever.」
        • • •
        「Cover by me, @YobanyxieDeceive 」
        「Entered in the Pokemon Watty Awards 2016 • Adventure Category」
        「3rd Place in the Adventure category of the Pokemon Watty Awards 2016」

LilPuddingVelvet LilPuddingVelvet Jul 28, 2016
mawile_xoxo mawile_xoxo Feb 07, 2016
one day, when i finally get around to writing something, i will give you a dedication. until then,i will try to  FREAKING STOP PROCRASTINATING
Ambiguously Ambiguously Sep 06, 2016
*watches trailer*
                              I'M. SPEECHLESS. 
                              The story hasn't even started yet and I'm hooked;-)
Shelbies14 Shelbies14 Aug 01, 2016
I am in love with the cover of the book. *-*
                              This is going to be the 3rd fanfiction I've ever read. Ans judging from the summary, I know it's gonna be awesome.
izayoix izayoix Feb 07, 2016
@AllHailRempire @-_CorruptDemonic_- Wattpad glitched and didn't publish my prologue; it should be up now!
mawile_xoxo mawile_xoxo Feb 07, 2016
i love you more, nyxie, but thanks so much. i even teared up a little reading this :') (but you can't stop being amazing if you never were in the first place)