My Bad StepBrother || M.YG

My Bad StepBrother || M.YG

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Baetae ♡ By Taetae_xo Updated Jul 30

My mother married to her NEW HUSBAND..
We're arrived at their wedding place..
There a handsome boy sat next to me..when I looked at him, my heart suddenly pounding a bit fast. 

"Hey, are you my step sister?" He said coldly. 

"W-what?" I'm confused. He chuckled bitterly, "Are you Lee Soo Yeon?"
I nodded, "yes.." 

"Nice to meet you, little sister." He said as smirked at me secretly. 

But he is a rude person, the one who hurts me is Min Yoongi, my step brother. But, I realized he is a bad guy who is second leader of the Hwa group which it is mafia group.

It must be mature stuff happens in this book. Be warning, guys.

wayhyunvip wayhyunvip Apr 18
Omgosh the heroin's name is just same as mine but its okay as our story were veerrryyy different ;)
asthbby asthbby Mar 23
he burns everything down
Tae is my bias, Yoongi is my bias wrecker....
                              My bias list is completely destroyed
DCML04 DCML04 Apr 15
That makes no sense mafias are bad😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌
milkflavoured milkflavoured May 31, 2016
Killing?? (Is his swagger killing innocent ppl like me again?)
_Fandom_Is_Lyfe_ _Fandom_Is_Lyfe_ Aug 30, 2016
"-killing" "Brave little soldiers, I acknowledge your pain, Come here *virtually hugs ARMYS* He's to SWAG for this world Xx"