My Bad Step-Brother || Yoongi Fanfic

My Bad Step-Brother || Yoongi Fanfic

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Baetae ♡ By Taetae_xo Updated Oct 25

My mother married to her NEW HUSBAND..
We're arrived at their wedding place..
There a handsome boy sit next to me..when I looked at him, my heart suddenly beating..

"Hey, are you my step-sister?" He said coldly. 

"W-what?" I'm confused. He chuckled bitterly, "Are you Lee Soo Yeon?"
I nodded, "yes.." 

"Nice to Meet you, little sister." He said as smirked. 

But He is a rude person, the one who hurting me is Min Yoongi..but, I realized he is a bad guy!

There will have strong words..
This book is fun to read! I promise you will love it! ^^

*meets his son* *gets burned from handshake* *ovaries explode* *decides to live with parents* *crys*
AnnaYoongi AnnaYoongi Aug 23
For some reason I thought of Edna from the Incredibles when she said tht
Killing?? (Is his swagger killing innocent ppl like me again?)
jade4354 jade4354 Jul 28
Gurl my dad married 4 woman s including my mom which means i have 2 stepbrothers and  1 sister
baciebacon baciebacon May 21
My dads like this when we were at the philipines living our beautiful life there then my dad turned my wonderful life into a misurable one
XxMinah XxMinah Oct 01
I felt the same way when I found out my mom had a new boyfriend, unfortunately neither of the BTS members are my step siblings😂😂