Oliver and Belen love each other. But is it enough?

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K_June K_June Apr 09, 2012
Aw... This is sweet in a sad kind of way... I really liked it... a lot...
SorrowHasNoHANDhere SorrowHasNoHANDhere Jan 20, 2012
Wow, this is such a great story! I love it! Although, the ending was sad (I liked Oliver!), it was just such a great plot. There were hardly any mistakes, too, which is something to be proud of :)
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AdDuling AdDuling Nov 27, 2011
Wonderful!  A simply....wonderful story! Thank you for sharing your wonderful mind:0)
LiterofTears LiterofTears Nov 26, 2011
I read this two days ago but I don't mind saying again how interesting this story is. Most of the time, you can tell who the main character will end up with and I thought that she'll surely stick with Oliver. Guess I was wrong=P
ForeverNerdyXoxo ForeverNerdyXoxo Nov 26, 2011
I love this; the bittersweet element is very touching. I was a little confused by the ending with Noah, but once I read it again it was easier to understand. Lovely writing :)
nightfeelings nightfeelings Nov 24, 2011
@XxNightStripexX Thank you for the comments. :) I might rewrite it just because I did feel like I rushed the Noah part. The baby is named after Oliver and Noah's just okay with it because of how secure and in love he is with Belen. If that makes sense...