Tell You A Secret ➾ Lucaya [COMPLETE]

Tell You A Secret ➾ Lucaya [COMPLETE]

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"You've lived next door to me for as many years as I can remember, and I've never seen you go to our school."

"I'm homeschooled."


"Now that's a secret I'll never tell." 


Lucas Friar has lived in Wedgewood, New York his whole life. He's lived in the same house his whole life. He's had the same next door neighbor his entire life... So when he sees their teenage daughter his age, why doesn't he recognize her?

Maya Hart has lived in the same old house since her mother conceived her... But she has never left the house. She has a secret. A secret that could harm someone. When she leaves the house to catch her pet dog, she meets the curious Friar. Will she let him in on her secret, or push him away like the rest?

The elements is like My Little Pony! Sorry, not being mean. It just sounds like it.
I love this book already all my favorite elements and lucaya I'm in heaven
evie1225 evie1225 Mar 14
Lol that's what my friends call me because my name is Evelyn
For a second I thought it said Genovia and I was all like, wassup Hathaway?
I mean I never leave the house either, but for much less exciting reasons. 😂
m-ayavilles m-ayavilles Jul 31
oh cool, and i never leave it bc shows and bands took over my social life, okay