The bunny teeth guy

The bunny teeth guy

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was ||kookietaedoolyy|| By kookietaedoolyy Updated Jun 23, 2016

When she entered the university that she was forced into with incredible talent and good grades. Being the socially awkward game girl she was, she never thought she would meet such amazing boys.
One of them is like her brother, always so caring and loving. His cooking is one of the most delicious food she has ever tasted.
One helps her with her studies, she can ask him for everything and he will have an answer.
But they are merely her friends.
And then there are the others.
One of them is so cold, but she just finds him so warm. His music, his rapping just soothes her nerves.
One of them is so bubbly, when they dance together she feels like she can pull off every single move.
One of them is so handsome and weird in a cute way that she just wants to pet him, his rectangular box smile.
One of them has the best eye smile she has even seen, he puts a smile on her face everyday.

And then there's him. Came into her life like a swirling tornado with timberland boots and black earrings. 

Also with his bunny teeth.

RinaTMG0617 RinaTMG0617 Mar 13
Well, I'm basically a Chinese version of Luna Lovegood...I'm just THAT weird
RinaTMG0617 RinaTMG0617 Mar 13
My Potterhead Instinct was to say, "But you're not Harry Potter"
leehaneul7 leehaneul7 Sep 08, 2016
Oh my gosh, I was trying to find this book again and I finally found it!!! YAY!!!!!
wildimagination4ever wildimagination4ever Jun 20, 2016
I only know one person in bangtan who would make friends in the bathroom....... Hi Taehyungie!
Haha I screamed when I saw that you updated! :) lol I'm so weird