Kiss Thy Enemy (Dramione)

Kiss Thy Enemy (Dramione)

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It all started with the new Weasley product that was designed to imprison its victims in a circle until they either 1) admitted their love for each other or 2) shared a passionate kiss. Pansy had planned it all out, Draco would kiss her, admit his feelings, then he would finally be hers. 

Unfortunately for Pansy, things don't always go as plan.


Dramione love story!

ohmygawd yes hahahahah im going to be late for work but so fooking worth it! love it so far :D
If u didn't u would be in that circle... GOOD GOING WEASLEYS
I don't think it is the perfect plan, just because Pansy's involved I can tell it won't work out
I haven't even read anything yet but I know I already love this book. Just an fyi...