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Ty By iDollFaceee Updated Sep 21

Telyce in the multimedia. 

I was speed walking into Marshalls trying to get into the store before they closed. I was going out of town in 3 days and I needed some new suit cases. I always want to Marshalls for my stuff They have expensive things for the low prices and they stuff looks good.

I got in the store and walked to the suit case . They was pretty but I couldn't stop moving all my focus on getting in here I forgot I had too pee. I walked to the back of the store , went into the ladies restroom and did my business . I came out bought the suitcases and started walking back to my car.

I was moving a lot slower because I had 2 heavy ass Suit cases on my hip and then I already got what I wanted so it was no need to rush. I popped my truck on my 2014 Black on black Jeep and sat the suitcase in the back. Right when I was about the close my trunk I heard a little voice. 

"I'm lost can you help me."

I was startled a little cause I didn't see anyone in the parking lot. I looked arou...

SlimeeSosa SlimeeSosa Oct 27
I'm dead @ "wanting to kick across the parking lot" 😂 But this remind of the kids from The Cabin in the woods
kesha128 kesha128 Sep 12
Sad that people do this in real life , like why have kids if you have no intention of taking care of them
"Sounding so motherly" 😭 she is me. I am her. We are one. 💕😂
SlimeeSosa SlimeeSosa Oct 27
Her little hoe self should've kept her legs closed if she wasn't ready for a kid