Close As Strangers

Close As Strangers

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~BOOK 2~ 

(CAN NOT BE READ AS A STAND ALONE! You must read the first book for this one to make sense.) 

"I don't know where I stand with you." I say, looking down at my hands and back up to his piercing green eyes. 

"Why? Better yet, what do you think we are?" 

"We're as close as strangers now, Wes."


Wes is back from London after two years. 

Which means there's only one year left for Molly and Wes to spend together. 

They were enemies, and then friends, but sadly, they are back to strangers. 

Isn't it funny how friends can go from friends to strangers with some memories? 

I mean, that's what they are. Just strangers with some pretty great and  horrific memories. 

And a hell of a lot of feelings. 

So, here's to the awkwardness, the tension, and whatever comes next. 

Can these two overcome this obstacle of London changing Wes and return to being friends? Could it spark into something more? 

Continue following their journey in book 2: Close As Strangers.

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supremefave supremefave Jul 18, 2017
I have a feeling Mason is cheating on her or is gonna cheat on her.. idk why lmao but I do (most of my suspicion is because he left that morning saying, ''he had to do something'').
Random_Reader40 Random_Reader40 Oct 25, 2016
May I just say I can relate!!! I mean my favorite movie and I have cried about Everytime watching that scene!!😭😂😭