Save Them {Completed}

Save Them {Completed}

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Cartman wants something that he can't have.

Kyle is sick and can't be healed.

Stan has lost all hope.

Can Kenny save them?

Jeez! Dude I think we have all been there but DUDE CALM THE F*** DOWN!!
Tomiko_Taltatheil Tomiko_Taltatheil Dec 17, 2016
Ok this works for all my friends 
                              Pony cupcakes. EAT IT AND FEEL THE JOY RAINBOWS IN YOUR SOUL
-Gives Wendy and Bebe bleach- here u go u can die- I mean live together forever (I hate both of them😂)
colour-art colour-art Sep 17, 2016
WAIT! I saw this story on! Is that your profile or are you stealing the stories???
xXxCraig_TuckerxXx xXxCraig_TuckerxXx Sep 01, 2016
How the fu-
                              No, don't question it. Just flip them off and say 'screw you' like usual.
                              *flips off* Screw you. Ah, much better.
momoyumiko10 momoyumiko10 Dec 14, 2016
I'm now imagining all word that Kyle spoke just bounced off Cartman's belly like a spring.