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Nothing  [ Septiplier ]

Nothing [ Septiplier ]

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justanotherfellow By justanotherfellow Updated Feb 14, 2016


Sean or as he prefers to be called Jack, he works at your local Apple Store. He also shares a small home with his friend Felix.

Felix though is planning to move out so he could settle in with his girlfriend. And before he does so, he tries to hook Jack up with someone so he won't be completely lonely when Felix moves out. 

The only problem is Jack is afraid to commit to a relationship. He's afraid they might not accept him for who he is. Jack is ace.

((Story is done in Jacks POV))

GalacticTeddi GalacticTeddi Sep 24, 2016
I'm pansexual, gender fluid, and atheist. I haven't come out to my family, or most of my friends. I'm terrified.
muiithecat muiithecat Feb 22
im bisexual but i havent came out yet, even though i know my mom and my sister support it :/
crime2point0 crime2point0 Dec 03, 2016
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I always love it when different sexualities come into play, it makes me feel more at home
emily14567890 emily14567890 Sep 08, 2016
I'm panromantic, only told my brother and a few close friends, it's a bit hard to put in words 'at least for me' I thought I was asexual but I found this word and its meaning suits me better I haven't told my parents, my dad is a little homophobic and my mom would probably look at me differently
Hybridfoxie Hybridfoxie Sep 14, 2016
                              ACCEPT JACK FOR WHO HE IS DAM IT!!!!
BoredomGuah BoredomGuah Nov 08, 2016
Hehe oh my god that's such a cool way to say that me and my family call it scavenging for food when there's no planed dinner hehe