Mine {Completed}

Mine {Completed}

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Rosa Conner is from the Cresent Moon Pack is 16 years old and is childish in every way she like to have fun and not worry about the future.

Every year her Pack holds a party/dinner where unmated werewolves try to find their mates, Rosa isn't to excited to find a mate she would rather be running in the forest young and free.

Kyser Swan is 19 years old and is the new Alpha of The Spirit Pack. He had to grow up quick when his dad (Alpha Link) was killed by rogues and he had to step up, become the leader and protect his pack. The last thing on his mind is finding a mate.


"Kyser I'm here for you" I whisper moving closer.

"No, stay-stay away" he growls.

"I'm your mate..I love you.." I reply putting a hand on his bicep.

"You-you love me?" He asks on the verge of tears.

"Yes" I answer moving  even closer.
"You're Mine" I whisper.

Soon we are chest to chest his breath fanning my face. I waste no time and smash my lips to his

-THIS IS NOT BASED ON TWILIGHT! THIS CAME From my imagination do not steal!!

The times you want him protective he is not, and the times you don't want him protective he is.
Twilight!! *Squeals* I love that movie. I hope they  add more to it.
Booksforlife4901 Booksforlife4901 Jun 29, 2016
Oh god I know someone names Braxton and he says stuff like this 😂😂
Lost_In_MyThoughts Lost_In_MyThoughts Jun 21, 2016
Rosa - I could regect him .
                              Silvia- I will fcking bitch slap you.
bookeatingworm bookeatingworm Dec 06, 2016
rosa- I could reject him
                              Silvia- I will haunt your dreams, and embarrass you to the fullest  if you ever even THINK about it so help me you i will make you regret being a werewolf and wish you accepted him in the begining
crazy_redneck-freak crazy_redneck-freak May 02, 2016
O glob yes this hilarious definitely my new favorite book lol