♔ the different cinderella, nalu

♔ the different cinderella, nalu

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"Two childhood friends who were separated at a very young age meet again after ten years?! What will they face in the path they have decided to go on?" 

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Then the shooting star exploded! Her wish never came true! THE END! I'm sorry Nalu is otp F*** off NALI
WendyMavell WendyMavell Mar 27
I like how he cares if she gets attacked by a bear, but he doesn't care her step-mother makes Lucy call her Queen Titana  and her Step-mom would lock her in the attic! But I'm gonna let that slide for now.
Guys, you've got it all wrong. It's not Erza Scarlet. It's Erza Nightwalker. She's just trying to steal Erza Scarlet's glory by calling her self Titania.
WendyMavell WendyMavell Mar 27
Its making me mad people don't know the difference between Erza and Evergreen. Erza woudn't call herself Titana, its just a nickname she got somehow, while Evergreen clearly expressed in the Laxus Arc that she wanted the Titana queen of the faries name.
WendyMavell WendyMavell Mar 27
I have to give props to the author for not just saying pink hair, too many people would comment its salmon. Even though Salmon is just a different shade of pink.
Sure, also if you go to your notifications and see aggressive yelling its not directed to you, it's directed to the character