His | ✅

His | ✅

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Mia Novak By _LilDark Completed



  Having no choice left but to marry her Ex fiance's brother, because her soon to be husband left her at her wedding day. Sofia had no choice but to accept the proposal due to the reputation of her family.
  Xander was just there to attend the wedding ceremony of his brother, not to marry his sister in law to be, but God had other plans for both of them.
  Xander was everything she hated about a man Egoistic, arrogant and self-conceited and so did Sofia. She was everything he didn't think about his wife. But when finally they both will put their barriers aside and build up a home for themselves, what if her ex, Salah stepped in? 
  Will Xander be able to save what's his or would he just let her go?
  will Sofia ever be able to fully love Xander or her past would always be their to bug her?
  Join their journey when she became 'His'

  • american
  • arrangedmarriage
  • billionaire
  • cold
  • conservative
  • destiny
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  • ex
  • forced
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Miss-chashmish Miss-chashmish Nov 21, 2017
oh c'mon
                              bride get nervous
                              but this extra ordinary piece is getting impatient!!
Muslimah_dreaming Muslimah_dreaming Aug 02, 2017
Wow mashaAllah this is beautifully written!! I love how I can feel her emotions😍😘😘
jiminwifie jiminwifie 15 hours ago
Mashallah.  She's very kind hearted to think of his feelings
Its_Me_Tony_Stark Its_Me_Tony_Stark Jun 28, 2017
I mean-- if the main character was a Christian or a Hindu or whatever, no one raises a finger. 
                              So guys, what the actual füçk is wrong with a Muslim main lead?
- - Jun 15, 2017
SALAAR SIKANDAR😍😱😳👀😜😂😎 hae Allah @_LilDark
saleha- saleha- Jan 14
Have you read Peer-e-Kamil? As you said in your bio that yoi speak urdu too😊😊