A Crystal Heart (Gray X Reader) [COMPLETED]

A Crystal Heart (Gray X Reader) [COMPLETED]

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🌳 Mama Birch 🌳 By _Lorax_ Completed

You have searching for the dragon that raised you for years, Haku. After he left you seven years ago, you traveled the globe to find him, until you found Fairy Tail. You've heard of this many times before but has never seen it up close. The stories and rumors that were told seemed so interesting to you, what was was even more exciting was there were three other dragon slayers there as well.

Your goal was to finally find the dragon that raised you, but you couldn't help but join Fairy Tail after all the stories you heard. Joining Fairy Tail was amazing, everyone welcomed you as family, except for one person, Gray Fullbuster.


A/N- Hope you all enjoy this X Reader story, I'll update twice or maybe even three times a week. But I have to tell you that I'm about to start finals in school so if I don't update on time please forgive me. If you enjoy this series and want to read more I have other great books that I hope you'll enjoy. Anyways, on with the story!

Trust me they want to show off that they have more dragon slayers
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Lmao everyone's going against her while I'm just like: I SHIP IT!
I was reading through the comments like "Nurse Joy must be from Yandere sim"
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Pretty sure gajeel has never hugged (unless it was Levy) anyone before...and Wendy chuckled? I've never heard her chuckle before...