00:00 | Septiplier

00:00 | Septiplier

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Willow Angel By willow0angel Updated Mar 21

Everyone has a soulmate.
Everyone is born with a tattoo that shows the time that they first meet their soulmate.
The life of a prince is hard, especially when your tattoo says 00:00, and everyone knows it.
Being a noble who hates parties is hard, especially when your tattoo says 00:00, and it's a pretty well-kept secret.

But hey, maybe it's not that bad after all.


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    He has 'good balance'
                                  Wink wink..
                                  Blush blush..
                                  Wiggle of they eyebrows..
                                  *insert lemony face* xD
    Lord forgive me for I have sinned
                                  Oh wait im in hell already so Satan praise me
    Oh praise the Lord for it have sinned too many times. 
                                  Send me to hell and banish me in my chambers of smut
    ddiscordd ddiscordd Feb 26
    I would have  a panic attack
                                  but don't worry, this is a ball. I only panic at discos
    Recipex Recipex Feb 07
    OHH! Theres another book like this with the tatto thing I LUV THEM THO :D
    ddiscordd ddiscordd Feb 26
    I always wanted a tattoo on my wrist that said "00:00" 
                                  I also wanted to call my first child Midnight