Locked Out of Spring Break

Locked Out of Spring Break

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Kay Valencia By OddballWriter Completed

[Warning: As I look back at the earlier chapters of this story, I realize the misogynistic/transphobic/homophobic elements 16 y.o. me--I was 16 when I started this--- included in this story & I am deeply sorry. This story will be edited heavily in the near future.]

Two guys - nemeses at heart - get locked in an equipment room on the first day of Spring Break all because of a hopeless romantic friend.

Beautiful Cover by @dysanic

The summary sounds so promising. Hate turned Love boyxboy romance makes me SO HAPPY :)
worstofpoetry worstofpoetry Sep 23, 2016
i was so sacred this wasnt gay but i checked the tags im save BRING ME THE HOMO
PocahHotMess PocahHotMess Dec 08, 2016
I thought that said two memes at heart and I was ready to combust
- - Apr 26, 2014
Ameyzeng story <3 can't wait for more :) where did you get your cover pic of this story ? :) hi hi :)
Tiggermazz Tiggermazz Oct 21, 2013
This sounds awesome I cant wait until November now. Omg get here faster adding to list to read omg it sounds awesome.
OddballWriter OddballWriter Aug 02, 2013
                              Sometime around next year maybe :) I'm trying to finish Until I Make You Mine and Stuck With You~