The Ups and Downs Of Being A SuperStar

The Ups and Downs Of Being A SuperStar

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Straw Hat Fairy By PandaUnicornLover Completed

A chance of a lifetime arises for the Lucy, Erza, Juvia, Levy, Yukino, and Kagura when they become super stars! But will this new found fame prove to be too much to handle when it starts to bring hurt, betrayal and secrets..  Friendships will be tested, Loyalties will fade, Trust in each other will be jeopardized 

Ships: NaLu, JeRza, GaLe, GrUvia, StingYu, RoKa, etc.

Note: This is NOT my original idea

Announcement: I'm sorry for all the late readers, but you can't choose a song anymore. I already finished the book. Sorry!
ElBronko ElBronko Jun 15
Ooh dayum levy did you get new 'walking through crap' powers? 😂
ElBronko ElBronko Jun 15
Is this Levy's version of being bitchy bc she's pretty nice 😂
Lol, Gajeel and the rest of the girls are just in the backround
YEAH ADD THAT LIBRARY IN! I seriously was like "where's the library? Isn't her passion reading...?"
Swanky? Swaggy? I must make a word that means cool ಠ_ಠ flameo. Yes. Yes. This is it. This room is flameo(〜^∇^)〜.