Banging the Intern |#Wattys 2016|

Banging the Intern |#Wattys 2016|

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Holly J Block By HollyJBlock Updated Apr 02, 2016

Alice has it.

Graduate Syndrome:
Results in unattainable dreams, degrees for those unattainable dreams and bottles of cheap wine  when you don't reach them.

Symptoms: Sulking, lusting after your boss, blogging, eating Ramen and calling home. 

Fatal?  Possibly.

In between getting yelled at by the sexy editor-in-chief , writing articles no one reads and banging the office weirdo in a bare bones apartment in Seattle, recent graduate Alice Hane's life sucks. During her first ever bizarre assignment: things go terribly wrong, there's random hair pulling sex with the recluse intern, a prospect of a sugar daddy thrice her age and boss catfishing. What to do?

Survive, find a cure and stay out of love while searching for any other guy but her boy toy. Easy, right?


"A Handpicked Wattpad Read from the Dating, Drama and Disasters List"

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thr4sam thr4sam Jul 23, 2016
I am concerned with the amount of people have already read this! Its f*cking awesome! 
                              How ?? I am really how!! 😂😂
thr4sam thr4sam Jul 23, 2016
Omg my heart just skipped a beat after seen the picture and every other time that I saw it!  *gives a slow sexy sigh*