The Howls Of The Night. { Werewolf/Human Love Story. }

The Howls Of The Night. { Werewolf/Human Love Story. }

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When Shawn was fourteen, his brother, Travis, changed into him into a werewolf so he'll be strong and defend himself from their abusive step-dad. 

Now, two years later, he's moved to a small town in Indiana to live with his brother. He can't wait for his new life to began. He's was pretty much a player after he changed. So...what does a young hot werewolf want? To party and have one night stands. 

But all that changes on his first night in town. When he goes to the local dinner, he's meets Makenna--his mate. 

Makenna is a loner. She's is usually mistaken as a goth girl since she has thick dark hair, but actually, she's pretty normal--aside from working at her Uncle Jonas dinner and have no friends. 

But Shawn doesn't want a mate and he plans to stay away from her and make her hate him as long as he can. But he can't help himself whenever he near her. He wants to touch her or talk to her always and his becomes so possesive.

And he also another problem. The Alpha of Indiana, Dylan Blackwood, wants him to join. His brother Travis is in the pack, but Shawn doesn't like to be told what to do since he's very hot-head. 

Can Shawn be able to destract himself from his mate and the pack?
This story is going to be told in two POV, but mostly Shawn's.

Hope_Lewis Hope_Lewis Aug 30, 2016
Nine of clock? LMAO! Darling I think you need an editor ASAP.
Snowzyy Snowzyy Dec 20, 2015
FAAAAAHHHHLLLOOOOWWW ME SHAAAAWWNN!! I actually read it that obnoxiously haha
withny305 withny305 Nov 12, 2015
after seeing womb and reading this I can't help thinking that he was once pregnant
jodellepugosa jodellepugosa Nov 06, 2015
so true...y always a human  ...isnt it always a wolves???.' this story is very opposite to others .....100% opposite... hmmmp
jodellepugosa jodellepugosa Nov 06, 2015 not used to it...why didnt the author use the word she wolves for female wolves .......
wyngchie wyngchie Oct 06, 2015
I'm in the emergency room right now waiting to see the doctor and dying of laughter.