The Streetfighter and the Gangleader

The Streetfighter and the Gangleader

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Skye has been running ever since her family has died. Running from her past, her home, from her enemies. The only this she hasn't run away from is streetfighting. 

For her, moving to a new town to escape someone from her past wasn't anything new. Nothing was going to change.

Or so she thought.

She then meets Uriah. Jerk. Buttface. Bad boy. Gangleader. They hate each other at first glance.

But then she and Uriah are partnered up together for a school project, which neither are happy with. She wants to stay away from him. But the universe has other plans. He starts discovering sides of Skye that she wanted to keep hidden away. He discovers the secrets she tried so hard to bury in the past.

When Skye's enemies follow her to her new town, will she keep running? Will she finally face them? Will Uriah help her face them?


A boy from a nearby table said, "I hate to be the one to tell you this, but that is where they sit."

"Who is 'they?'"

"The gang in this town. They are the bad boys. The ones who sit together and don't ever talk to anyone else. Rumor has it they have killed 4 people, all of who got in their way." The boys voice got lower with each word said. Fear was clear in his eyes.

"Who's the leader?" I asked.

"Uriah Smith." the boy whispered.

Just as he said that, the cafeteria door burst open and a group of about 7 boys entered. They were led by one main guy. The main guy must be Uriah Smith.

The main guy immediately stopped once he saw me sitting at the table.

"What are you doing in my table. Or even more, in my seat." He boomed, his eyes darkened with annoyance.

"Oh, is this your seat? I wasn't aware. Are there name tags?" I mocked. His eyes got even darker with anger.

Oh, shit. Did I just piss off the gangleader?

Rest in peace, Skye. Rest in peace.

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Whale31403 Whale31403 Jun 03
ive read this book so many times and its still one of my favorites
Ruscell0 Ruscell0 Jan 04
Parents shouldn't say things like that to their children, no matter what.
Welp goodnight see you in hell.  🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂😂😂
medicinesbabe medicinesbabe a day ago
exactly, you gave birth to me, everything that i am, i got from you
I bïtch I am not a mirror
This reminds me of Elena going to the party and her parents come to pick her up like In the Vampire Diaries