Neptune's Girl

Neptune's Girl

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Fox Puppy ^-^ By FoxPuppyrus Completed

Ruby's life takes a wild turn when Neptune brings his girlfriend over.

P.S.-This is not my fanfic it belongs to the amazing writer who wrote this story (doomzoom)!! I will only fix some of its misspelled words and I only want to share it to everyone, so yeah please enjoy reading this story :)

P.P.S-The picture i used for the cover is not mine it belongs to 'milk puppy'.

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tamya4 tamya4 Dec 04, 2017
Well only girls can understand this * when your single for like a week it feels like years and when you see a cute boy you instantly fall for them*
Chrystarin Chrystarin Mar 29
Dont worry ruby, weiss still loves you... and if not, just so you know I am available ♥ xD
CrazyViolinist CrazyViolinist Mar 18, 2017
Don't u just love it when it takes u only two months to make u hate ur life?
wow that is me right now...and the boy who stole the girl i wanted damn you Kai (not his real name) but we are least, i mean me and the girl, not Kai and I, he despises me, i despise him simple as
DnutzandWillowTree DnutzandWillowTree Nov 15, 2017
Hey my name is Blaine... where did you get this name? I will find you, and I will hug you
tamya4 tamya4 Dec 04, 2017
Me when I don't get food........but sorry this is a sad moment (clears voice) 😭😭😭