Magillian Academy 1 : The Lost Princess (Completed)

Magillian Academy 1 : The Lost Princess (Completed)

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KawaiiYandereNeko14 By KawaiiYandereNeko14 Completed

I'm the girl with no


But I have a beautiful mother 
It's Mother Rossetti 

I don't know anything about 
my past..

I grew up in orphanage 
I'm an orphan 

I can't remember anything 
Who am I

I'm alone,all alone
Even if I'm sad

I'm positive 
Even negative 

I'm strong 
But I'm weak

I'm cold
But I'm not

But everything has changed 

When a boy in a hoodie black attack me for no reason..

And then a girl came

Something in her palm
I can't explain 

Who is she?
Also that boy in a hoodie?


I thought that didn't exist 

But that girl let me believe that magic is true 

I went with her to the magical world where she lived 

When I enter that world..


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ImNBSBproblem ImNBSBproblem Dec 23, 2017
I'm the girl with no kayakap this Christmas who's available? ?? ^_^V ....Char!!!
Nakaka down kasi yun kapag merong nag cococomnent na mga bad side about sa story mo lalo na kung hindi sa magandang paraan pinadaan.
Omaygash nahanap uli kita1 years na nung nabasa ko toh ahahha
Illegirloving Illegirloving Nov 19, 2017
I'm a girl with no... Boobs😭 it's okay atlease wala akong carry na 'two worlds'😂
hazelyn05 hazelyn05 Oct 25, 2016
Waaahhhh prologue pa lng ang ganda basahin .. sana magamda ung ending ..
brave_lionelle brave_lionelle Jul 04, 2016
Then don't mind the bushers. Nde sila kawalan. I just love reading. Specially actions and fantasy. 
                              Walang perpekto sa mundo. Kung perfectionist sila.. 
                              Edi wow ^_^v