Demon Slayers (Karmagisa) | Discontinued

Demon Slayers (Karmagisa) | Discontinued

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Karma is a descendent from an ancient race of demons, and his best friend Nagisa is a demon slayer.

Nagisa has no idea of Karma's true identity, and Karma intends to keep it that way. 

But will he be able to hide it when their friendship starts to kill him? 

Read to find out. 

Entire book from Karma's point of view unless I change my mind.

(Slow updates, I try my best though)

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Fujoshi_Emo_Girl Fujoshi_Emo_Girl Aug 30, 2017
So Nagisa is a Knight, soooo Miss Tits teaches him ? OH WAIT THAT MEANS HE NOW'S RIN AAAAAAAAH !!!!!
RavenJessica RavenJessica Oct 13, 2017
You said it
                              I've lost all faith in humanity when I saw a tweet that said,
                              "I want my first daughter to be a girl."
Stormywrites Stormywrites Jun 23, 2017
Really i didnt notice sure his family life's good but what's under the mask...
Aphrodite_Hufflepuff Aphrodite_Hufflepuff Sep 23, 2017
I'd like to make my own language! (Or at least learn Elvish from LOTR and The Hobbit)
juztyn27 juztyn27 Feb 06
Yeah without the top speed of 20000m/s and being able to fly thing yes demons and humans are alike
Some-kind-of-a-idiot Some-kind-of-a-idiot Feb 17, 2017
*jumpes off of a hotel,while falling screaming*THIS IS FOR KARMAGISA AND THE FEELS!!!!