Only Cry Silent Tears

Only Cry Silent Tears

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Smooth like Chocolate Velvet By chocolatevelvet Updated Aug 07, 2017

Bullied and Abused 
On the mental and the physical
Told only to cry Silent Tears
Never being able to 
let it all out
She only dreamed of the day she made 18
She'd flee 
Start a new life
And cry the tears she'd 
Let slide down her face
And kick
 and do whatever she please
No boundaries

School sucked 
she'd get teased
15 with bruises on her neck
And back
From where, most wonder

She'd easily become fast
"You must like it rough!"
Many of them would ask
Little did they know
Her life was lived in fear
Would he go all the way tonight?
She'd say letting down her silent tears

Her loving uncle they'd see 
But a monster in her eyes
"Waiting for the right time" he'd say
To open his little prize
18, 18, 18 she'd repeat
Only 3 more years
To let my silent tears fall
Without the fear. 

this is an original piece that I wrote to go along with this piece of work. 

Here's an Intro:

Christian is the captain on the basketball team and has made himself very well known. Monica on the other hand keeps to herself. All she wants to do is get good grades and graduate. Monica and Christian are in different clicks. He's the man that run's the "In-Crowd" and she's what you can call an "outsider" but she likes it that way the less friends the less pain hurt and judgment but, when Christian fails a few classes and is threatened to get kicked off the basketball Team he's assigned a tutor, Monica. They say opposites attract, can Christian be the guy that stop's her silent cries? Or will he add his name to the list of people who hurt her?

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animelove334 animelove334 Aug 09, 2017
2 years!? If she was my freind she and her sister can live with me
vlugar vlugar Jul 22, 2016
Let me guess the girll go tutor him and that's how everything go start
_LittleKina _LittleKina Jun 18, 2016
Please make that uncle regret putting his hand on that young girl. I hate punks like that if u wants to mess around with someone find u adult not kin folk. Nothing but a pussy.
_royal_d_ _royal_d_ Nov 16, 2016
Yeah my ass would have been suspended or in the damn office by now
danie7151 danie7151 Feb 19, 2016
Lord knows I would punched buddy square in the jaw for talking to me like that lol