If Only She Knew: The Beauty of a Big Girl

If Only She Knew: The Beauty of a Big Girl

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Smooth like Chocolate Velvet By chocolatevelvet Updated Jul 07, 2017

"I'm so fat, it's disgusting"
she's so thick damn I want her

"He's the king of the streets he can get anyone what makes you think that I qualify?"
I want this girl, I have to have her, her curves, her smile, baby has got to be my woman no better yet... my wife

All her life, Addisyn has been a big girl. there are boys who laugh and then there are boys who just cant get enough of her. what happens when L.A.'s most feared Drug Dealer has a crush on her? Will she finally she discover the beauty that's been there all along ? or will she continue to live her life with self hate?

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Kiki-moore Kiki-moore Feb 12
I got a best friend and a sorta best friend since we only hang out at school
ButUCaintUseMyPhne ButUCaintUseMyPhne Jul 22, 2017
I didn't really realize how many school friends I had until I graduated high school.
TaekenOverMe TaekenOverMe Mar 13, 2017
I say this and if they say they like me I say no u don't u think u like me but in reality you don't I'm not someone u want or anyone special it's so many pretty girls out there so y should get one then I walk away sadly
Lol I got those too. I only talk to u at school and at home ion fw u
Kiki-moore Kiki-moore Feb 12
I saw a pig fly once
                              When I put in a skillet and cook it
😂😂😂I don’t gain weight I been the same weight for three or four years now