Phan One Shots

Phan One Shots

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NerdieGrl By NerdieGrl Updated Mar 04

Just a bunch of oneshots about Phan. :D It'll be updated slowly and when I have inspiration. 

Warning: These OneShots includes metions of self harm, suicide, and such. I don't want anyone to be triggered while reading it so if it will trigger you please don't read it. I'll put trigger warnings before each chapter.

The art for the cover is not mine and if you see your art and would like credit or for me to remove it, message me and I'll adjust accordingly. ^-^

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Randomfangirl2009 Randomfangirl2009 Jul 06, 2017
I would tell my friends but not the internet and I'd only tell my friends cuz  we have no secrets with each other.
LittleRedVoid LittleRedVoid Oct 01, 2017
I would close the door then realise what I did and reopen the door
LittleRedVoid LittleRedVoid Oct 01, 2017
Now I'm guessing who said that. Actually no, they said that at the same time
Link_The_Archer Link_The_Archer Dec 25, 2017
Dan: stalking you-- I mean, nothing! 
                              Phil: Dan! Don't say that! 
                              *whispers to him* she's not supposed to know
EllieIsNotSocial EllieIsNotSocial Sep 30, 2017
It would be extremely hard for me to hide my Phangirl. I would tripping over my own words when I’m the inside I would be 
                              HOLY SHIIT. PHAN-DAN-PHIL- AHHHHH
audball240 audball240 Mar 25
i live in the middle of fuc king iowa surrounded by corn and i've lived here all my life