The Group Of Bad Boys

The Group Of Bad Boys

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G.L By GeorgiaLanik Updated Oct 06

"All I want to say is I don't say sorry and I never will.  This what we have will not be one of those stupid clichés where the Bad Boy falls for the Good Girl or that Wattpad crap. I don't say sorry and I don't fall in love!" Ace said in a tone that scared me a bit. 

I looked at him not knowing what to say so he walked a little more forward towards me and I took a step back while Ace smirked at me

"Are you scared of me right now?" Ace said and taking another step and I took a step back and hit my door. Ace was a few inches away from my face. 

I swallowed my saliva " I just don't like the tone you were speaking in. It scares me okay"

Ace put he's hands on either side of the door by my shoulders and trapped me to look at his face

"Well that's to bad because that's the tone you'll get" he said his face was close that I could smell his breath it smelled like cigarettes and vanilla. 





Ace removed his hands as I opened the door he didn't say anything and began walking out the door but before he could even pass the door frames said " Why do you hate me so much?" Ace turned and looked at me "Because I can"  and then he left. 

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LileyMoss LileyMoss Jul 30
This girl has the best fashion taste, it's so punk rock and I love it 😍😍
She's gonna get hit by a bus?? Oh thank god. I thought I was gonna have to hire someone to hit her with the bus. 😂😂
nightmare0104 nightmare0104 7 days ago
Even though I know she's an evil bitch and Ima hate her in the future.....I like her, We should be friends
*cue the bus* "and don't think you still own this school cause I wi-AH *Gets hit by a bus*
🎶Black is my favorite color makes me feel like we know each other...🎤
rae20307 rae20307 Aug 12
I love that song and miss nothing going to hell and my medicine💗💗💕💕