The Reason Is You boyxboy #Wattys2016

The Reason Is You boyxboy #Wattys2016

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The Harry Potter gang go back to hogwarrds for their 8th year after the war. 

Class is as usual and enemies are still enemies (hint: Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter) 

Though after a spell went wrong in potions class...the Griffin door trio and the Slitherin trio ( Hermione, Ron, Harry, Pansy, Blaise and Draco) 

Must figure out the truth...and live with it or ignore the signs and change the future that has been already written since their first meeting in year 1. 

(Pairings: note just Draco and Harry, with Ron's and Hermione's on the side of course...)

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FandomsAtTheDisco FandomsAtTheDisco Jun 11, 2017
I had to read this so many times because I thought that was Draco
Wizard_Writer_1 Wizard_Writer_1 Oct 13, 2017
Ok his author tho... no offence but I'm extremely confused! You (the author) never say who's saying what so it's confusing me. Is it Draco talking or Ron or Harry or even hermione! IM CONFUSED
ami0star ami0star Jun 11, 2017
                              NAILED IT!!!!!!
                              What is wrong with me?!?!?!?!
paper-house paper-house Jul 04, 2017
i hope the rest of the story isnt as bad as the spelling in the desc.
FandomsAtTheDisco FandomsAtTheDisco Jun 11, 2017
THIS IS THE GREATEST THING "futuristic son say what" I AM LIVING
RaveaRavenclaw1 RaveaRavenclaw1 Jul 27, 2017