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Krys By KrysBabdon Updated Mar 25, 2016

A RWBY Fanfiction

Not many have faced the feeling of tumbling, straight into oblivion, never to be the same. Ruby, her team, her uncle, Professor Goodwitch, and Ozpin will soon all feel this gloriously stomache turning feeling when they are sent there. Oblivion. A place in the past.

Team RWBY has always been able to conquer whatever was thrown at them, especially with the help of the adults around them. But nothing can stop the inevitable. Cinder's plan is going accordingly and the only thing in her way? Team RWBY and the members of that oh so secret organization. With Winter and Ironwood gone back to Atlas only Qrow, Glynda, and Ozpin remain. 

When Cinder is able to manipulate Raven and send everyone back in time what will our heroes do?

Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY or its characters, just my own situations.