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A Special Girl (Markiplier X Suicidal! Reader)

A Special Girl (Markiplier X Suicidal! Reader)

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(Profile Moved) By xXSpoopkyShadowXx Updated Apr 08, 2016

This Entire Story (until maybe Chapter 15) is Trigger warning! *Dont commit suicide, just because this story* I never said (You  like in you you!) I started this story because, I wanted to tell you the meaning of this. "You Are Your Own Fate, Someone else can't pick your fate for you." Don't let anyone drag you down. If anyone says you can't, move on anyway. They won't be there when you grow up! Your reality Is What Your Fate Is. Our Worlds Fate Is, Death. Death and more Death. Think about it, It may seem funny to some people, but think about it really. Somethings are just worth living for.  Your or my Life could be in danger! Any time, Any Day or Night.  Don't cut or Choke yourself, it's not worth it! The bullies all have problems, They take it out on you. Maybe you should confront them, If they try to hit you, put your arms over your face. But whatever. *Hugs all* Thank you.

I scrolled all the way to the bottom and read everything cause I'm nice and I get a curse in return? Ouch, my feelings
DawnTheWriter DawnTheWriter Nov 22, 2016
I dressed up as Masky once for Halloween and Comic Con, no one knew who I was xD
_mentally_creative_ _mentally_creative_ Oct 28, 2016
*internal fangirling at mention of creepypastas and proxies*
                              Or do you want to play a game?
                              One or the other
                              No eyes, always watching
Eeh I'm kinda tired, maybe later. I mean I just showered and my beds comfy af, how about noon tomorrow does that work for you?
- - Jan 25, 2016
I am really excited for this story! You seem like a great writer.