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Invisible {GonXReader}

Invisible {GonXReader}

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ℓєиα By ThePricklyCactus Updated May 15

♕ 2nd place Winner of the 2016 HxHWattyAwards ♕  
 Have you ever wanted to be seen?
  Most people would raise their voice until recognized. Then, if still unnoticed, some would even go to physical contact. Maybe even a push or pull would be necessary to turn them around and look at you.
  If one was still getting ignored, some people could grow desperate.
  If one was very desperate, and I mean extremely desperate, one could even go so far as to run into oncoming traffic. Then someone would have to see you then, right?
  I've been that desperate.
  I still have yet to be seen.
  I 'm invisible.
  Most people would think they're dead. A ghost.
  But I knew that I was alive. I had proof.
  Thump. Thump. Thump.
  That thing in my chest called a heart is what's telling me I'm alive. The constant rhythm acted as a comforting reminder. 
  If I were only to exist never to be seen or ever interact with humanity, what was the point? A meaningless life is worse than no life at all, don't you think?
   But since I can't do anything about it, I'm forced wander around without purpose. Bound to watch the world pass by me like a speck of dust floating in the air.
    Then one fateful day, I met a boy with spiky hair and a heart of gold. He looked at me. For the first time, someone saw me. 
  From that moment, everything changed.
  The story takes place a few years after the show has ended. You and Gon are both around the age of fifteen. I'm going to give some features of what you look like for the sake of the story, so I hope you're okay with that. You're going to be able to insert your name still, so I hope you like it.
    I do not own:
    • hunter X hunter
    •any of the characters
    This story is a fan fiction and therefore my fantasy world in words

Thank you for noticing Killua. You hit him harder than a rock all the time.
me and reader-chan have the same problum not literly but i mite as well be invisibel  -_-
Raven_Tori Raven_Tori Sep 10, 2016
He wouldnt be scared
                              he is best friends with a guy who can rip hearts off
Raven_Tori Raven_Tori Sep 10, 2016
Oh mawh gawd this is so well detailed, did you put this on Hunter X Hunter Watty awards? Cause i can tell that this is (GON)na be a good story
Nizzynoya Nizzynoya Feb 13
Hey wasn't there a fountain and you described what reader Chan was wearing
Gio406 Gio406 Feb 13
I know there's something different and I really wish that I remembered what it was cause now I feel bad but it was interesting!!!!!