Opposites - a Drarry Story

Opposites - a Drarry Story

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char By purlty Updated May 31, 2016

edit: story discontinued at chapter 19

The wizarding war against Voldemort is over, and an eighth term has been proposed for the former seventh years at Hogwarts.

While the students and staff of Hogwarts work towards reforming broken trusts and cleaning up the emotional and physical wreckage left behind by Voldemort, Harry Potter finds himself fighting another war. 

But this one isn't in his head, or even in his wand skills. In fact, it's the opposite.

This is a battle Harry must fight in his heart- and it has blond hair and piercing gray eyes.

*warnings: will contain some language and sexuality*


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ocean_on_fire ocean_on_fire Sep 25, 2017
This is very well written, the details are beautiful and i feel like everyobe should be able to tell that this story will be amazing
The_Lost_Cat_Girl The_Lost_Cat_Girl Sep 05, 2017
                              That's supposed to sound like rain.
TwoSpoonfulsOfSugar TwoSpoonfulsOfSugar Apr 23, 2016
Ive never tried reading drarry before but i'll give this a try haha just because of the gorgeous af cover xD
sophia__marie sophia__marie Feb 08, 2016
I absolutely love the language and descriptions you use in the chapter
-overrrated -overrrated Jul 19, 2016
I literally voted because I couldn't stand it being at 999 votes. Congrats on 1k 😉
ImAGryffindor_731 ImAGryffindor_731 Feb 21, 2017
This made me cry I mean it's not the actual book but it's the end of there childhood in this time line so in just sitting here crying