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The Shy, Forgotten Weasley

The Shy, Forgotten Weasley

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Girl Online By Girl_Online817 Updated Sep 22, 2016

Have you ever heard of Ella Weasley? Girl with not red hair, but with orangey-red hair. There's a difference you know.

Well, Let me tell you abit of her story when she's younger:

"Oh Arthur why do we always have a new kid in the family each year?" Molly asked. Arthur smiled and kissed on Molly's forehead. Ella Weasley just got born one month after Ginny Weasley was.

"What are we going to do about her then?" Arthur asked concerned for his just-borned daughter.

"We could give it to somebody else" Molly said, not wanting to have her daughter. "I'm sorry but I'm not letting another family having my daughter!" Arthur yelled. They argued abit.

Soon, Molly gave in. She obliviated her husband and took care of Ella until she was old enough to take care of herself. Since, Molly obliviated Arthur, he didn't knew about it. The throughout the years Molly soon grew hatred towards Ella.


Credits goes to JK Rowling
I don't own any characters except Ella

I thought Mrs. Weasley was a nice person not an evil torturer like Bella Trixie Lestrange
VannaGirl284 VannaGirl284 Apr 01, 2016
Molly hates her daughter!!!!!!!!!!! No!!!! That doesn't even sound like a Molly that could even exist in a parallel universe!!!!!
dastyjhop dastyjhop Mar 25, 2016
I know this is fan fiction, and it doesn't really matter, but I don't think that could ever be possible. The one month difference I mean.
Lazy_Potato Lazy_Potato Jan 24
I was like try not to cry😀
                              And I lost in two seconds 😭
2503cupcake 2503cupcake Jun 14, 2016
I would love to finish this book. Hats of to the author, awesome idea I must say!!!!!