Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets

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Who's asking? By CaddieRose Updated Sep 29, 2011

Until her best friend's marriage, Aubrey Clifford's life was fairly uneventful. There was no drama involved. But I suppose when a pair of 16-year-olds get married, things change pretty dramatically.

Because Aubrey is now the keeper of one helluva secret. She promised the bride she wouldn't tell a soul, but when that secret leads onto another, which leads onto another...Aubrey starts to lose track of all the secrets she's keeping. 

Can she save a marriage and a friendship? Or will everything come crashing down as one by one, Aubrey's dirty little secrets are revealed? Only time will tell.

Sierra256715 Sierra256715 Oct 01, 2011
Longer paragraphs and more description is needed but otherwise this seems quite good! Love your choice of music by the way! ;D
CaddieRose CaddieRose Sep 30, 2011
@rose25 well...thanks for the advice! I can't pretend it makes me happy :( but I'll just work on the rest. Also, could you point out the grammar/spelling mistakes for me? Thanks. Will work on my story.
SavyJParker SavyJParker Sep 29, 2011
Ouch....... That would be rough. This is a really good beginning. Nice job.
BornOnAprilFools BornOnAprilFools Sep 29, 2011
This looks like something really hilarious! I love humor stories <3 And you weren't bad regarding the grammar and spelling so cudos for that!
kausar1996 kausar1996 Sep 29, 2011
Oooh... I think i forgot to comment on this before going on to the next chapter :P Anyways, this was an interesting prologue, just as prologues should be :D It really makes the reader aka me want to find out more about the characters! I really enjoyed it :)
CaddieRose CaddieRose Sep 28, 2011
@RaiszinBumm okay it feels pretty awkward writing at you when your username ends in bum...but whatever! It's cool! Thanks for your comments they really made me happy! You're awesome! <3