Best Friends, Aren't We? (Suga x Reader fanfic) Completed

Best Friends, Aren't We? (Suga x Reader fanfic) Completed

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Lexes By LexesCTSA Completed

It's been four years since Suga and you met ever since your family left to a different country. Both of you were best of friends despite that he knew that you had a small thing for him.
Bring Suga, he didn't bother about you having a liking to him or your bubbly and loud personality.

© LexesCTSA

Hehe, read this short (?) fanfic to find out what happens ;)

Started: 10th January 2016
Finished: 11th January 2016

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Ryoshime Ryoshime Oct 23
You could say............. the Taecher. Get it. Get it. Okay I'll just leave.
well I used to be like that until personal things happened....So really....I’m like the younger version of Yoongi 😂😂
Same with me I always wanted a younger sister that I could pick on but since my life hates meno was stuck being the youngest
Are you British? If soo.....
                              Welcome to the UK squad #miserableoldEngland