Best Friends, Aren't We? (Suga x Reader fanfic) Completed

Best Friends, Aren't We? (Suga x Reader fanfic) Completed

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BaeMax By LexesCTSA Completed

It's been four years since Suga and you met ever since your family left to a different country. Both of you were best of friends despite that he knew that you had a small thing for him.
Bring Suga, he didn't bother about you having a liking to him or your bubbly and loud personality.

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Hehe, read this short (?) fanfic to find out what happens ;)

Started: 10th January 2016
Finished: 11th January 2016

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Badgurl_506 Badgurl_506 Aug 01
He's not a swag dude ... he had no jam..hahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah
Icediamonds Icediamonds Jul 14
NEvEr MeT HiM bEfOrE BUt I bEt He'S a SwAg dUdE. -Min Yoongi
                              XD I had to
V? Okay, I accept him being our teacher, I mean WHO CANNOT WANT A TEACHER LIKE THAT AND THAT RECTANGLE SMILE
unknown943 unknown943 Jul 03
Uh....boi? Marriage? Jimin being swag? What kind of parallel universe is this?
Me? Bubbly personality. Quite the opposite, my resting bitch face, is known as the best in school.
Icediamonds Icediamonds Jul 14
I'd be avoiding everyone being the shy me and wait for someone to start talking to me first XP