My One and Bonely (Sans x Reader)

My One and Bonely (Sans x Reader)

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My first story. It's a sans x reader fic, so don't judge too harshly. Also I have some bad pacing issues, but I hope yall will ignore them. Anyways on with the summary!

You see monsters everywhere. All of theme unique and friendly. You ask "how could anyone hate them?" When you save one of them, you're life takes a drastic turn.....for the better.

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Don't they have powers? Like sans has gasterblasters, and pappy... well what does he have? XD well anyway if it's sans he can easily beat the hell outta em
Well I'm about four inches taller than sans...
                              I DON'T CARE I HAVE HIS PUNS
I feel like somebody in an anime sorta has this description.... (;
Bitch, come at me *voice lowers to deadly calm but threatening* I dare you...
Oh my Irene if he could do that he could just teleport into anyone's random house and just be there oh my I'm weird but that's what I thought of cuz he would never have problems