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Life Note? Light Yagami x Reader

Life Note? Light Yagami x Reader

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Rynkirafan By Rynkirafan Updated Aug 14, 2016

Y/n was normal, until at the age of fifteen she found a rather peculiar notebook and gained supernatural abilities as well as a notebook that can bring people back from the dead. She knows her best friend is Kira and that her brother is L, What will she do?

ElowenBriar ElowenBriar Dec 09, 2016
I had the same idea, but looks like someone beat me to it haha
WolfFang14 WolfFang14 May 21, 2016
I new it and I've also seen that video Smosh videos actually really good but my deduction was right
SakimleeXP SakimleeXP Jul 04, 2016
Who else thought about that My Candy Love episode where Nathaniel's keys go missing and you have to wander around school just looking for that damned set of keys???
Okomaru-Ayu Okomaru-Ayu Aug 16, 2016
Oh my... I'M NOT ABLE TO DIE!? *Cries tears of happiness.* YAS, MY WISH CAME TRUEEEE
ManiacMegan192 ManiacMegan192 Jul 11, 2016
My mind needs it. I would get it rinsed in holy water but then I'd burn.
_-PhanIsLife-_ _-PhanIsLife-_ Oct 12, 2016
A world without Light would be dark
                              The world without L is just a word
                              Im sorry ;-;