Tennessee Rose #NewAdult #heartiesawards #royalistsawards #royalistred

Tennessee Rose #NewAdult #heartiesawards #royalistsawards #royalistred

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Willow,  a 17-year-old high school senior has a plan to get out of the town that holds her painful secrets that stop her from living a normal life. After she graduates she's  leaving and never coming back. Nothing, not even the cute new guy will distract her from her goal.  Even though his eyes haunt, and excite her he will not be a distraction... Her willpower is stronger than her heart, right?


"I'm sorry I know we're doing the friend thing, but you know I like you more than a friend. Right?" I nod. "So when you wear dresses that show off your body, and you start giggling. I don't know if I can help myself." I look back up at his face accented by the muted light in the dark hall. He's so honest. 

I lift my hand and run my fingers through the curly tendrils on his forehead. He closes his eyes like he's reveling in my touch. He opens his beautiful honey eyes that scare the crap out of me, and I whisper. "Why couldn't you just have different colored eyes?" 

He frowns. "What does that mean?"

AmeVicky02 AmeVicky02 Apr 04
I enjoyed reading this chapter a lot. You have some great descriptions and you've set up the characters of Will, Heather and Tobin very well. I really like the story's title and the cover is beautiful! :)
I was annoyed with Erica for commenting about Will's diet. Not because best friends comment about food, but come on, why are these people talking about her ass when they know damn well food is hard to come by? Erica do you know how mean you sound? 
                              Short, compared to chapter 1, but that's fine!
phuoni phuoni Oct 20
Wow it feels like almost the book is about school work great!!!!!
nomophobic nomophobic Sep 01
This is so not like other stories where they bitch about school food. And I like it. Be thankful, people.
Did anyone else immediately think of Kit Harrington for Game of Thrones????
AmeVicky02 AmeVicky02 Apr 04
I like that Erica brings a little humour into the chapters. The parts in the theatre were especially good to read. :) 
                              Poor Will has such a hard life ever since her parents' death, I really feel for her and Heather. I really do hope things look up for them soon.