"Standards" -Joshler

"Standards" -Joshler

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For a boy, Josh didn't meet the general standards

He wasn't your typical teenager

Football? Party's? Girls?


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itsAcetiel itsAcetiel Aug 19
I swear to geesus if there is brallon in this and no ryden, I will flip. table.
my mum spent 75 quid on just PE kit. then about 25 on my blazer and the whole uniform costed about 150 pounds. you wouldnt think so tho becuase my school is mainly pretty skiddy and half the three quarters of the skids are also druggies.
fordelia fordelia Jul 07
I actually used that in one of my oral essays. I thought it would make it a little bit more funky (and it did not)
I was gonna comment daddy, but then I realized I'm rereading this...
neikrasivaya neikrasivaya 5 days ago
i’m a confused little polish,, we have classes like 1st A, 1st B, 1st C and 1st D and then it goes lile this until its like 6th A-D and yee here we go again with 1st A-D, 2nd A-D and 3rd A-D
I would say "you cant thibk like that" but everyine thibks Patrick is cute