You Don't Remember Me? (Destiel highschool AU)

You Don't Remember Me? (Destiel highschool AU)

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I_have_a_problem By i_have_a_probelm Completed

At the moment nothing is going well for Dean. When he gets put together for a class assignment with Cas everything could go right or horribly wrong.

Dean's P.O.V and Cas' P.O.V

(also contains self-harm, some abuse and suicidal thoughts)

Like I literally had to go school the day after my mum fûcking died.
                              I FEEL SICK TO MY STOMACH AS I BEGIN TO STAND
Why did the smol cinnamon roll named Sammy have to die?!? How did you think that was ok?!
Ok I'm sorry it's 1am where I am and YOU JUST GOT ME GROUNDED