You Don't Remember Me? (Destiel highschool AU)

You Don't Remember Me? (Destiel highschool AU)

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I_have_a_problem By i_have_a_probelm Completed

(COMPLETED) At the moment nothing is going well for Dean. When he gets put together for a class assignment with Cas everything could go right or horribly wrong.

Dean's P.O.V and Cas' P.O.V

(also contains self-harm, some abuse and suicidal thoughts)

Confused-Cas Confused-Cas Oct 08, 2016
Like I literally had to go school the day after my mum fûcking died.
destiel_freak destiel_freak Jun 30, 2016
                              I FEEL SICK TO MY STOMACH AS I BEGIN TO STAND
sydneysydXoX sydneysydXoX Aug 08, 2016
Why did the smol cinnamon roll named Sammy have to die?!? How did you think that was ok?!
ThugerPugger ThugerPugger Sep 06, 2016
Ok I'm sorry it's 1am where I am and YOU JUST GOT ME GROUNDED