The Baby Wolf

The Baby Wolf

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Iyanlaaaaaa By _SpoiledBrattt Updated Apr 11, 2016

"Why didn't you tell me that we're having a baby?"
That One question made it feel like all time stopped
His face was serious, no type of playing on his face
"No need to repeat you heard me loud and clear"

Kayliee is a Lycan. 
Lycans's are The strongest werewolves.
Kayliee and her bestfriend Kylie Live together among the humans,
Instead of other werewolves.
One Saturday night Kayliee and Kylie go out and meet another Lycan like themselves.
They don't know he's a Lycan wolf and he doesn't tell them.
As they dance the night away Damon and Kayliee go to his loft,
To have a little fun.
They end up not using a condom, because since kayliee
Is a Lycan and Lycans's CAN'T have babies without having a baby with another LYCAN, kayliee thought it would be fine since she didn't know that Damon WAS a Lycan.
One Month Later, Kayliee Takes a pregnancy test only to fine out that she pregnant!
She excited but also not cause in the werewolf world the other wolves
Hated all Lycans even...Baby's!

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  • pregnancy
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