The One For Me?! (Miniminter Short Story/One Shot) {COMPLETED}

The One For Me?! (Miniminter Short Story/One Shot) {COMPLETED}

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Tami By TamiiiJ17 Completed

This will be a really short story/one shot. The book will end on chapter 10 which is short for me but maybe long for you

I couldn't think of a description for this but the title should give you an idea what this is about, if not then I question life (jokes)

I don't know why I'm doing this but I'm in the mood of writing something like this and didn't want it to be a one shot 

I'm confusing. Just start reading XD

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leonardsvr34053 leonardsvr34053 Feb 29, 2016
No need to rush, just take your time.... but the bool is looking great so far! Keep up the excellent work! Keep Calm and Love The Sidemen!
wityxroze wityxroze Feb 29, 2016
Love it!But can someone tell me who Kay is?No hate to her I saw some photos and she is really pretty but can someone tell me who she is?
ThatMCasiangamer ThatMCasiangamer Feb 29, 2016
Dont worry I dont know Harry's gf either. I think i saw A picture of her but idk.
BandTrash132 BandTrash132 Sep 28, 2016
I love how you have all the same characters in all your FFS (Or all the MM ones at least). It helps me remember who's who
elliepaigex elliepaigex Mar 28, 2016
This book is amazing can you use my name in on if not it's k
chasingstarsss chasingstarsss Mar 01, 2016
Harry's girlfriend is called Katie I think, you can find her on twitter I'm pretty sure