No More Secrets - Ben Drowned X Jeff The Killer

No More Secrets - Ben Drowned X Jeff The Killer

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Mr_Ben_Drowned By Mr_Ben_Drowned Updated Jan 25, 2016

Ben Drowned and Jeff The Killer become close friends after Ben is made the new Creepypasta. Jeff begins to fall for Ben, but does Ben like Jeff back. 

Jeff soon learns that knowing Ben will be one huge adventure that is worth having. 

What happens when things go wrong? How does Jeff and Ben deal with the problems that they get faced with? With Romance, Drama, Smut and so much more.


This is my first Creepypasta fan fiction book so please don't be to harsh with your comments.

I do not own any of the characters that are written in the book. 

All ideas are thought up in my own head and are not copied from another authours book.

Ben didn't have a dad his dad weus Staten and his muher drowened him Tobey's is the one with a abusive fother
Ummm not to be judgmental but Ben was twelve and his father and cousins drowned him because they hated him. He was never abused, His father never abused his mom, and he went into his new video game Legend Of Zelda Marjora's Mask.
The_Game_Master The_Game_Master Jan 10, 2016
And I'm curious over something I already know the answer to.
The_Game_Master The_Game_Master Jan 09, 2016
I can't wait for more even though I already read the original one like 4 times.